couples in public

How’s Your Public Etiquette As A Couple?


How do you and your mate get along together in public? Are you comfortable with how you interact with one another and with others when you’re out and about? What does your behavior say about you as an individual and as a couple in different social situations? Do you abide by certain accepted “rules” of etiquette or do you play it by ear and decide how to act as situations present themselves?

When you are out together you may not think about being other than an individual out with your sweetie but others tend to view you as a couple. As a couple, your behavior can sometimes speak for both of you. The “public you” says a lot about you, your mate, and your relationship. Are you comfortable with the message being projected? Are there things you want to change?


What’s Good Public Etiquette?

Caring couples want to reflect their love and respect for one another. And they want to show respect and sensitivity directed toward others. You and your significant other may not have ever discussed your manners in public. If not, maybe now is a good time?

Do you like it when your guy opens the car door for you? … offers a blanket or his coat if you’re cold? … helps you to your chair in a restaurant? People in a relationship often take those gentlemanly acts for granted. Does your mate know how you feel about those gender-related etiquette issues?

Both you and your sweetie giving your undivided attention to one another is a sign of love and respect. Making calls or texting on your cell phone isn’t so respectful – unless you both accept the need to take important work or personal calls.

A lingering or passionate kiss or embrace may be natural to the both of you but others may see it as overdoing it. You know when your display of affection to one another has crossed the line when you’re getting eye rolls or a “Why don’t you two check into a hotel?” remark from a bystander.

Adopting couples etiquette doesn’t mean you have to be excessively or insincerely polite with each other or live by a set of artificial rules. Agreeing to some etiquette basics becomes habit-forming, takes the guesswork out of situations, and can become a beloved ritual for both of you.