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4 Strategies for Self-Managing Workplace Stress


Are you a person who has generally been on an even keel at work, can roll with the challenges, pressures and sometimes punches but you’re finding it harder and harder to maintain that mental attitude? Is stress mounting? Are other people and events outside of your control contributing to it? Is it to the point where your job performance and mental and physical health are affected?

Try these work stress self-help survival skills before you blow a gasket:

Have a discussion with your supervisor. Don’t make it a complaint session; explain that you want to be able to perform better at your job. Ask if there are available resources, support. Seek clarification regarding your role and performance. Ask if your physical workspace can be made more comfortable and conducive to working, or if there’s a chance your duties can be modified or some reassigned.

Keep a journal for a month. Record the details of each stressful situation and how you respond to it. Journaling can help pinpoint the source of the stress, identify patterns to your stress, and reveal creative solutions.

Don’t keep it bottled up. Bottled up stress makes it eventually explode and you will probably regret it later. There may also be consequences for your actions. Talk to trusted and understanding friends and family. See a mental health professional if you can’t get any relief on your own.

Get more sleep. You may be sleeping less because of your worries. The energy that sleep brings can give you a fresh perspective, more clarity, and resiliency.


Since we spend about one-third of our lives working, nip job stress in the bud before it becomes a chronic problem. You have control over your long-term mental health, performance, and staying gainfully and happily employed.