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How to Keep That Loving Feeling Before and Through the Holidays

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It’s so easy to become emotionally consumed by the holiday rush: making plans for parties and trips, sending holiday greetings, connecting with friends and family, exchanging gifts, getting yourself ready, getting the house ready … the tasks go on and on. Suddenly the season of joy – the time that’s supposed to be joyous, bring people together – is creating emotional distance between you and your mate.

Tedious distractions are steering you toward DOING more than FEELING what you’re doing. Your focus on your partner isn’t what it typically is. Your discussions with one another are short and so are your patience and ability to be more understanding. Clear your head of the less important seasonal clutter when you’re together. Stop obsessing about selecting presents and be more “present” for one another.

Put the Distractions on Temporary Hold

Look for opportunities to be together in calm, relaxing settings … just the two of you. Designate times and locations to be at peace with one another, block out the daily routine, allow the stress to melt away, have meaningful discussions, express your love. Peaceful activities and time alone together set the tone for that loving feeling throughout the holidays.