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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts That Can Bring You and A Special Someone Even Closer Together


You’re looking around for the perfect gift for your sweetie this Christmas. You want to give something that says “I love you” but not in a typical or conspicuous way. A singing toothbrush, intimate apparel, a piece of jewelry (unless it’s an engagement ring)? Been there, done that.

Flashy and romantic sometimes don’t mix. Meaningful and memorable are where you’re headed.  Black Friday whizzed by, and so did Cyber Monday and you’re still no closer to finding something that speaks to you and will delight him/her.

Gift-Discovery Hints From the Heart

  • It doesn’t have to have a high price tag. “The best things in life are free.” Prepare her favorite candlelight meal and bottle of wine, away from it all.
  • If you keep a journal, go back to it for hints from conversations and reflections. Showing you remembered will surely touch her heart.
  • Think of places and experiences as well as objects. Relive or memorialize special moments or a cherished excursion. Turn photos and videos you’ve taken of him into a collage and present it as a multi-media show. Find an artful frame for a poster from a festival you both enjoyed to replace the thumb-tacked version on the wall.
  • Homemade gifts don’t have to be food or throw-together trinkets. Learn a new skill with him in mind. Present him with a handcrafted, signed object that he can see or use daily. He will appreciate the loving hands by which it was created.

Resist the temptation to impulse buy from among the tons of holiday offers bombarding you. Use them purely as guides to express your innermost feelings.