Students Have to Manage Stress Too

student stress-Teen2.jpg

Our students today are faced with many stressors that we as adults are oblivious to or didn’t encounter in our younger years. One thing students would like us as parents to accept is that “times have changed” and even they have stress and pressures in their lives that need to be addressed and managed.

I work with clients to address stressors such as college acceptance, test anxiety (a topic I can relate to), love life, social anxiety, being socially withdrawn, low self-esteem, parental stress, academic stress, balancing work and the first year of college, sports performance, procrastination, sexuality, anxiety, and depression.

This age group holds a special place in my heart. My passion is to empower and challenge students to discover their strengths and learn what works best for them. Students have undiscovered resources within them that can assist in creating a more satisfying life experience. How great would it be to live a life where you’re not dwelling on weaknesses and limitations but rather on strengths and possibilities?