Resilience: The ability to recover from adversity.

If you have decided on divorce, you may need help developing pre- and post-divorce plans, setting personal and professional goals, and carrying them out. You may need to learn strategies for protecting yourself from the emotional battlefields of divorce and bouncing back when you stumble.

Through counseling, you can work toward achieving reconciliation or an amicable divorce where bitterness, disharmony, and resentment are minimized or avoided. Then after divorce, you can rediscover the “you” that is separate from the “you” from the marriage, learning how to feel comfortable being single again.

If you are a parent navigating the divorce process, you may need help developing strategies to guide and protect your children’s emotional health, helping them transition to a new and normal life.

You may want to learn to become a more cooperative co-parent and to encourage the cooperation of your ex where you both are putting your children’s needs first. As co-parents going through counseling together, you might even avoid the costly and time-consuming mediation process and create more favorable family court decisions.

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