Acceptance: Letting go of something you once had or that has occurred, without a struggle.

Accepting that it's over is a major life event. As you mourn the loss of a partner, your relationship, your marriage, the breakup of a family, you will learn to accept the emotional pain associated with those feelings and begin to move forward.

As we work together, we’ll discover your best hopes for your future and how you will go about reclaiming your independence while learning new healthy habits ... cleansing yourself from all the past relationship baggage; refusing to bring it forward into your new life will be refreshing.

Are there places you have always wanted to visit? What about that cooking class you've talked about for years? These new adventures can be exciting as well as help you become comfortable as a single person, a great co-parent, arrive at greater peace and resolution as you begin a new exciting chapter of your life. Remembering the YOU that was buried inside … discovering new living strategies after getting lost in a marriage is empowering. Life is an adventure, full of promise and accomplishment. Let's work together toward your fulfilling future.


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