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Sometimes life can feel like that game show with doors to choose from and we’re the contestant. We each have doors to open – and close … choices to make. It’s up to each of us, individually, to choose … and to choose wisely, not dwell on weaknesses and limitations, but possibilities, to move past the breakup of a relationship, or a divorce. Are you ready to feel empowered, to pick out your strengths and amplify them, discover hidden resources, create healthy and more satisfying relationships with family, friends, your children, people you work with, and enhance your personal growth?

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My focus area is Relationship Counseling. I work with Individuals, Couples, Divorce and Post-Divorce clients addressing issues such as: Communication | Break Ups | Self Awareness | Troubled Relationship | Marital | Contemplating Divorce | Divorce Process | Separation | Life Transitions | Post-Divorce Counseling | Infidelity | Honesty | Co-Dependency | Self Esteem | Personal Growth | Self-Worth | Stress | Anxiety | Control Issues


The therapeutic sessions last 50 minutes at the rate of $150.00 per session. You may pay by Cash, Check, Debit, Credit, Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account. BCBS Insurance accepted.  Video session available to all Texas residence.                                                           



Do you want to improve the relationships in your life or lack thereof? Do you find stress, anxiety or depression connected to relationships with your mate, family, friends or even your boss?

Sometimes life throws a twist and you find yourself in difficult situations, feeling hopeless. It's not uncommon to feel this way. Feeling hopeless causes you to isolate yourself, avoid risks, and miss out on opportunities. On the other hand, being hopeful energizes you, gives you a second wind, allows you to be open to possibilities, and encourages you to take risks because you are looking forward to the reward.

In the therapeutic process, you will seek to answer these important questions: What do I want? What will it take to get it? What will I gain by making a change? 

My goal is to encourage you to make positive changes and to find hope, even when a situation seems hopeless. 


Let's take time to explore what an ideal relationship looks like for you – and for your mate. Together we’ll discover what works and what needs to be modified or removed so that you can resume or begin to experience the flow of love, commitment, and deep satisfaction. 

Why can't I stop jumping from one unsatisfying relationship into another? My love life feels more like a battlefield; how do I call a truce? Am I in a relationship for the wrong reasons? Have my feelings changed and is it fixable? Is my partner contributing to my not feeling good about myself?  

Are you having trouble successfully riding through the relationship road bumps or are they becoming more like roadblocks?

It might be time to seek counseling if you’re confused, unhappy, and dwelling on any of these questions.


Are you contemplating divorce or are you currently in the process of divorce? Have you reached a decision that your marriage needs to end or are you trying to decide if you and your spouse can work things out? Are you having trouble coping with the uncertainty, fears, overall stress of the divorce process? Are you concerned about your emotional and financial well-being after divorce? Do you need help figuring out the best ways for dealing with an uncooperative ex or co-parent?

Don’t feel that you have to go it alone. Also, understand that there are divorce issues that are beyond the scope of your divorce attorney. Your mental health is one of them. Learning to make logical – not emotional decisions – is important because emotions are not dependable. Remember that divorce is only a temporary stage in your life. Sometimes we need help getting through it and past it.

You can come out the other side of divorce intact. You can thrive.



Going through a divorce is a landmine of intense and confusing emotions. While it’s normal to experience feelings of loss, anxiety, anger, and confusion during and after a divorce, sometimes these feelings can become overwhelming. They can interfere with your ability to function normally. They can be paralyzing.

Friends or family support is significant during this time. Supporters are a shoulder to cry on but also the wind at your back, pushing you forward.

Therapy can also help. As a therapist specializing in post-divorce counseling, my goal is to encourage you to "be kind to yourself" as you move through waves of painful and conflicting emotions.

You will be treated with compassion and respect as we boldly navigate your future emotional health and decision-making skills. 

We’ll discover what your desired future looks like and steps you can take to get there. You will keep the good memories and make new ones. Soon, you will put the pain and chaos behind you and embrace your new life.



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